We’re currently in the early phases of development, with a design not yet settled on. We are currently focusing on the lower-level aspects of seL4 development and trying to create higher-level abstractions that are easier to use and build systems on.

Here’s our concrete goals at the moment:

  1. ELF loading and dynamic linker

  2. Networking stack able to run pnet on.

  3. TCP/IP stack on pnet

  4. Complete virtio drivers

  5. Some filesystem

  6. Basic POSIX support to be able to run busybox

These are a start, but not the end.

Current State

Right now, only the absolute minimum for using Rust on seL4 is supported: building static binaries that can run as the initial thread at boot. See hello-world for an example of this.


These are the crates we’re currently developing. See their project pages for more information, documentation links, and an issue tracker.